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[def]n. 立法,法律[/def] [en]The government will introduce legislation to restrict the sale of firearms.[/en] [cn]政府将制定法规限制枪支出售。[/cn]
[def]a. 复杂的,错综的,缠结的,难懂的[/def] [en]I was unable to find out the intricate windings of the labyrinth.[/en] [cn]我无法找出迷宫中扑朔迷离的路线。[/cn]
[def]v. 蔑视,贬损[/def] [en]I disparage his work.[/en] [cn]我看不上他的作品。[/cn]
[def]a. 不恰当的,无关系的,不相干的[/def] [en]The committee had nearly come to a decision when Harry stuck his oar in with some irrelevant point about the drains.[/en] [cn]委员会已几乎作出决定时,哈里提出一个与排水系统毫无关系的问题,而将整个议程打断了。[/cn]
[def]v. 藐视,挑衅[/def] [en]Her beauty defies description.[/en] [cn]她的美貌难以形容。[/cn]
[def]v. 减少,变小[/def] [en]He likes to diminish the skills of others.[/en] [cn]他喜欢贬低别人的技能。[/cn]
[def]a. 可预言的[/def] [en]I knew you'd say that you're so predictable![/en] [cn]我早就知道你会这样说--果不其然![/cn]
[def]n. 参议员[/def] [en]The senator voted to support the president.[/en] [cn]这位参议员投票支持总统。[/cn]
[def]a. 机敏的,狡猾的[/def] [en]It is an astute move to sell just before price goes down.[/en] [cn]正好在价格下跌前脱手,真是精明之举。[/cn]
[def]v. 使...衰弱[/def]
[def]a. 微暗的,难解的,不著名的; v. 使...阴暗,隐藏,使...含糊[/def] [en]The path grew more obscure in the fading light.[/en] [cn]小径在渐渐消失的光线下变得更暗了。[/cn]
[def]a. 调和的[/def] [en]His letter was couched in conciliatory terms.[/en] [cn]他那封信里使用了表示和解的言辞.[/cn]
[def]v. 修饰,装饰,润色[/def] [en]My daughter wears a dress embellished with lace and ribbons today.[/en] [cn]今天我女儿穿了一件有花边和饰带的连衣裙。[/cn]
[def]a. 容易教的,温顺的[/def]
[def]a. 异国的,外来的[/def] [en]The film retains much of the book's exotic flavour.[/en] [cn]这部电影保存了原著的许多异国情调.[/cn]
[def]adj.已建立的;已设立的;已制定的;确定的;[/def] [def]v.建立( establish的过去式和过去分词);确定;[植物学]使(植物)定植;使成为;[/def] [en]They adhere to the accepted or traditional and established faith.[/en] [cn]他们坚守被接受的或传统的和业已建立的信念。[/cn] [en]Established practices are difficult to modify.[/en] [cn]既定的惯例是很难更改的。[/cn]
[def]a. 忠实的,率直的,坦诚的[/def] [en]A freelance photographer who doggedly pursues celebrities to take candid pictures for sale to magazines and newspapers.[/en] [cn]猎奇摄影者为了偷拍镜头卖给杂志和报纸的顽强地追踪某些庆祝活动的自由摄影者[/cn]
[def]a. 无言的,沉默的,谨慎的[/def] [en]He seems unduly reticent on the subject of his past.[/en] [cn]他似乎对他过去的事情讳莫如深。[/cn]
[def]a. 纵容的,任性的,宽纵的[/def] [en]They are indulgent parents.[/en] [cn]他们对子女很纵容。[/cn]
[def]a. 怀疑的,可疑的[/def] [en]I feel dubious about what to do next.[/en] [cn]我不知道下一步该怎么办。[/cn]
[def]a. 良性的[/def] [en]My mother's character is very benign.[/en] [cn]我母亲非常慈祥。[/cn]
[def]n. 提倡者,拥护者; v. 主张,提倡[/def] [en]He advocates reducing military spending.[/en] [cn]他主张削减军费开支。[/cn]
[def]a. 收养的,养育的; v. 养育,抚育,培养[/def] [en]The mother tried to foster her son's interest in music.[/en] [cn]母亲设法培养儿子对音乐的兴趣。[/cn]
[def]课程,全部课程; curricula(复数); curriculum vitae:履历表[/def] [en]Structure a curriculum; structure one's day.[/en] [cn]安排课程;对一天进行安排[/cn]
[def]n.课程;总课程( curriculum的名词复数 );[/def] [en]She seems quite clear about her future curricula.[/en] [cn]她对自己未来要学的课程看来很有把握。[/cn] [en]In fact he disliked all of the curricula.[/en] [cn]实际上,他不喜欢所有的课程。[/cn]
[def]a. 变化无常的,任性的[/def] [en]Romantic heroines are often capricious.[/en] [cn]浪漫的女主人公往往难以捉摸。[/cn]
[def]v. 描述[/def] [en]Her novel depicts life in modern London.[/en] [cn]她的小说描写的是伦敦现代的生活。[/cn]
[def]v. 渐渐破坏,挖掘地基[/def] [en]An investigation carried out ostensibly to uncover subversive activities but actually used to harass and undermine those with differing views.[/en] [cn]政治迫害表面上是开展揭露颠覆的活动,但实际上用于扰乱和削弱持不同看法的人的调查[/cn]
[def]v. 赦,宽恕赎[/def]
[def]n. 陈述,介绍,赠与; n. [美]讲课,报告[/def] [en]They are preparing for the presentation of a new musical.[/en] [cn]他们正准备上演新的歌舞喜剧。[/cn]
[def]n. 建议者,支持者[/def] [en]A closet proponent of a tax increase; a closet alcoholic.[/en] [cn]增加税收的私下倡议者;私下酗酒者[/cn]
[def]a. 使人信服的,有力的,令人心悦诚服的; vbl. 使...信服,使...明白[/def] [en]Her efforts to feign cheerfulness weren't convincing.[/en] [cn]她的强颜欢笑并不使人信服。[/cn]
[def]n. 直觉,直觉的知识[/def] [en]My intuitions proved correct.[/en] [cn]我的直觉确实是正确的。[/cn]
[def]adj.不一致的,不调和的;前后矛盾的,不合逻辑的;反复无常的;歧出;[/def] [en]His accounts of the event were inconsistent.[/en] [cn]他对那件事情的说法前后不一致。[/cn] [en]He is inconsistent in his loyalty: sometimes he supports us, sometimes he's against us.[/en] [cn]他并非一贯忠心耿耿,有时支持我们,有时反对我们。[/cn]
[def]n. 详细检查,细读; v. 仔细检查; vt. 细察[/def]
[def]a. 有关节的,发音清晰的; v. 以关节连接,接合,明白地说[/def] [en]She's unusually articulate for a ten-year-old.[/en] [cn]作为一个十岁的孩子来说,她的表达力是非常强的。[/cn]
[def]n. 解冻,崩溃[/def] [en]Many men were shot or captured in the debacle.[/en] [cn]败军在溃逃时有很多人被击毙或俘虏.[/cn]
[def]a. 秘传的[/def] [en]Belonging to or reserved for a small, select group; esoteric.[/en] [cn]秘密的属于一个挑选出来的小群人的;专为其保留的;秘传的[/cn]
[def]a. 安静的,平和的[/def] [en]The child had a placid disposition.[/en] [cn]这个孩子性情温和。[/cn]
[def]n. 倾向,意愿,倾斜度[/def] [en]You always follow your own inclination instead of thinking of our feelings.[/en] [cn]你总是随心所欲而不考虑我们的情感。[/cn]
[def]a. 冷静的,不带感情的[/def] [en]A journalist should be a dispassionate reporter of fact.[/en] [cn]记者应当是对事实作冷静报导的人[/cn]
[def]v. 拙劣地工作,粗率地作,失败; n. 粗劣,失败,笨拙[/def] [en]The whole job was a gigantic bungle.[/en] [cn]整件工作都糟透了.[/cn]
[def]a. 难以了解的,不能测的[/def] [en]His inscrutable face does not show what he is thinking.[/en] [cn]他那神秘莫测的面孔看不出在想什么。[/cn]
[def]adj.无法预言的;不可预测的;[/def] [def]n.不可预测的事;[/def] [en]A young woman spends a curiously unpredictable day with a stranger.[/en] [cn]一个年青女子和一个陌生人,度过了奇怪和不可预知的一天。[/cn]
[def]adj.非正统的;异端的;异教的;左;[/def] [en]People who hold unorthodox opinions are sometimes ostracized.[/en] [cn]持有非传统见解的人有时会遭到排斥。[/cn] [en]I'm afraid your English is somewhat unorthodox.[/en] [cn]恐怕你的英语有点不正规。[/cn]
[def]a. 夸大的[/def] [en]Pompous or bombastic speech or expression.[/en] [cn]夸张,大言不惭虚夸的或浮夸的话语或表述[/cn]
[def]a. 引起争论的,有争议的[/def] [en]Many of the new taxes are controversial.[/en] [cn]许多新税收都是有争议的。[/cn]
[def]v. 激怒,惹起,驱使[/def] [en]He tried to provoke them into fighting.[/en] [cn]他企图挑拨他们打架。[/cn]
[def]n. 诚实,正直,完整,完善[/def] [en]You can trust him; he is a man of complete integrity.[/en] [cn]你可以相信他,他是一个刚正不阿的人。[/cn]
[def]a. 教诲的,说教的[/def] [en]I don't like her didactic way of explaining everything.[/en] [cn]我不喜欢她那种像教小孩子一样解释一切的方法.[/cn]
[def]a. 美学的,审美的,有美感[/def] [en]The aesthetic feel or tactile quality of something, such as a fabric, textile, or carpeting, that indicates its fineness, texture, and durability.[/en] [cn]手感触摸诸如纤维、织物、毯子等物时对它们的质地、品质以及柔软程度的感觉或美感[/cn]
[def]a. 不定时发生的,零星的[/def] [en]Despite the sporadic disturbances the dictator was still riding high.[/en] [cn]虽不时有骚动事件,该独裁者仍能控制局势。[/cn]
[def]a. 实际的,实用主义的[/def]
[def]a. 造反的,反抗的,难控制的[/def] [en]Those rebellious teenagers are hard to control.[/en] [cn]那些反叛的青少年很难管教。[/cn]
[def]a. 现世的,世俗的,宇宙的[/def]
[def]ad. 最初,开头[/def] [en]Initially, I disagree with his proposal, but later I changed my mind.[/en] [cn]起初我不同意他的提议,不过后来我改了主意。[/cn]
[def]n.理想主义;空想家;<哲>观念论者;唯心论者;[/def] [en]He's too much of an idealist for this government.[/en] [cn]在现政府的眼中,他是一位过度的理想主义者。[/cn] [en]This conclusion totally negates German classical idealist philosophy.[/en] [cn]作这样一个结论,就把德国古典唯心主义哲学全盘否定了。[/cn] [en]An idealist, you are always trying to help.[/en] [cn]作为一个理想主义者,你一直在尝试帮忙。[/cn]
[def]a. 脾气坏的,好争吵的[/def] [en]Mean-spirited, disagreeable, and contrary in disposition; cantankerous.[/en] [cn]脾气坏的性情上心胸狭窄的、不随和的且顽固的:脾气不好的[/cn]
[def]a. 单调的[/def] [en]I only heard a monotonous voice of the singer.[/en] [cn]我只听到那个歌唱家单调的声音。[/cn]
[def]a. 该土地所固有的,土著的,国产的[/def] [en]The indigenous population was soon displaced by the settlers.[/en] [cn]没过多久,外来移民就把当地人赶出了家园。[/cn]
[def]adj.富有洞察力的,有深刻见解的;[/def] [en]Graham gave an extremely profound and insightful response.[/en] [cn]格雷汉姆回答得十分恰当且深具洞见。[/cn]
[def]v. 确定,探知[/def] [en]The detective was trying to ascertain exactly who was at the party.[/en] [cn]这个侦探试图查明都有谁参加了聚会。[/cn]
[def]n. 喜好(倾向)[/def] [en]She has a penchant for Indian food.[/en] [cn]她爱吃印度食物.[/cn]
[def]v. 使...困惑,使...更复杂,使...为难[/def] [en]Faced with that dilemma, he was perplexed.[/en] [cn]他面对进退两难的局面,不知如何是好。[/cn]
[def]n. 教师,讲师,指导书[/def] [en]Our driving instructor is very kind.[/en] [cn]我们的驾驶教练非常和善。[/cn]
[def]a. 令人喜欢的,使人愉快的,爽快的[/def] [en]Our first parachute jump was an exhilarating experience.[/en] [cn]我们第一次跳伞感到兴奋莫名.[/cn]
[def]adj.迷人的,有魅力的,有吸引力的;[/def] [def]v.迷住(某人),迷惑( captivate的现在分词 );[/def] [en]Thirst for speed and danger makes the game more captivating.[/en] [cn]对速度和惊险的渴望使得该游戏更具魅力。[/cn]
[def]a. 苛求的,吃力的[/def] [en]Overly concerned with details; exacting and fussy.[/en] [cn]过分注意细节的过于注重细节的;苛求的和繁琐的[/cn]
[def]a. 禁止的,禁制的,类同禁止的[/def] [en]The prohibitive favorite to win the nomination.[/en] [cn]得到绝大多数投票获得提名[/cn]
[def]a. 度量大的,宽大的,有雅量的[/def] [en]He is a magnanimous person.[/en] [cn]他是个宽宏大量的人。[/cn]
[def]a. 费力的,辛勤的,险峻的[/def] [en]It's an arduous task.[/en] [cn]这是一项艰巨的任务。[/cn]
[def]n. 泻药,通便药; a. 通便的,导泻的,释放的[/def]
[def]a. 吸引人的,有趣的; vbl. 密谋,私通[/def] [en]Some of the members had been intriguing to get the secretary dismissed.[/en] [cn]有些人一直密谋想让老板把秘书解雇。[/cn]
[def]a. 心烦意乱的; v. 分心; vbl. 分心[/def] [en]The act of distracting or the condition of being distracted.[/en] [cn]思想不集中,分心注意力分散的行为或状态[/cn]
[def]v. 安慰,安抚; vt. 使平息[/def] [en]He tried to find ways of mollifying her.[/en] [cn]他想方设法安慰她.[/cn]
[def]v. 设要塞,加强[/def] [en]Good eating habits help to fortify the body against disease.[/en] [cn]好的饮食习惯有助于强身防病。[/cn]
[def]v. 诽谤,中伤[/def] [en]She was vilified by the press for her controversial views.[/en] [cn]因她持有异议, 新闻界对她横加挞伐.[/cn]
[def]v. 放弃,放手,让渡[/def] [en]She relinquished possession of the house to her sister.[/en] [cn]她把房子的所有权让给了她妹妹。[/cn]
[def]adj.爱开玩笑的;滑稽的,幽默的;[/def] [en]He is a jocular man, especially around women.[/en] [cn]他是个诙谐的人,特别当著女人的面时。[/cn]
[def]n. 骚动,混乱[/def] [en]I couldn't think; my mind was in a complete turmoil.[/en] [cn]我无法思考,我的脑子里一片混乱。[/cn]
[def]a. 化石的; n. 化石[/def] [en]He found a piece of fossil of an ancient bird.[/en] [cn]他发现一块古代鸟类的化石。[/cn]
[def]v. 泄露,暴露[/def]
[def]n.符合;一致;遵从;依照;[/def] [en]We should act in conformity with the rules.[/en] [cn]我们应该依照规定行事。[/cn] [en]His behavior was in conformity with his ideals.[/en] [cn]他的行为与他的理想一致。[/cn]
[def]a. 深奥的[/def] [en]Not easily understood; abstruse.[/en] [cn]难懂的不容易理解的;深奥的[/cn]
[def]n. 敌意[/def] [en]His suggestion met with some hostility.[/en] [cn]他的建议遭到某种程度的反对。[/cn]
[def]n. 深奥,深刻[/def] [en]He impressed his audience by the profundity of his knowledge.[/en] [cn]他知识渊博给听众留下了深刻的印象.[/cn]
[def]v. 保留(预定,推迟); a. 保留的(预订的,冷淡的,缄默)[/def] [en]He still reserved his opinion on some points.[/en] [cn]在一些问题上,他仍然保留自己的意见。[/cn]
[def]n. 先驱者,前导,先进者[/def] [en]British poet considered a precursor of romanticism. His best-known work, The Task(1785), praises rural life and leisure.[/en] [cn]科伯,威廉1731-1800英国诗人,被认为是浪漫主义的先锋。他的最杰出的作品任务赞美了农村生活和休闲[/cn]
[def]a. 索然无味的[/def]
[def]a. 乏味的,枯燥的[/def] [en]Sickening or insipid in taste.[/en] [cn](味道上)令人作呕的,淡而无味的[/cn]
[def]a. 虚幻的[/def] [en]Having the nature of fantasies or dreams; illusory.[/en] [cn]幻觉的具有幻想或梦性质的;幻觉的[/cn]
[def]v. 预见,预知[/def] [en]He foresaw that his journey would be delayed by bad weather.[/en] [cn]他预知自己的旅程会被恶劣天气耽搁。[/cn]
[def]n. 随意,任意; a. 任意的,随便的,胡乱的[/def] [en]The librarian took a book at random from the shelf.[/en] [cn]图书管理员从书架上随便拿了一本书。[/cn]
[def]n. 离题,扯到枝节上,脱轨[/def] [en]The direct address of an absent or imaginary person or of a personified abstraction, especially as a digression in the course of a speech or composition.[/en] [cn]呼语直接称呼不在场或虚构的人物或称呼拟人的事物,尤指作为演讲或作文过程中的离题话[/cn]
[def]n. 服从,柔和[/def] [en]Tomorrow is the last date for submission of entries for the competition.[/en] [cn]明天是提交参赛表格的最后期限。[/cn]
[def]n. 紧张,张力,拉力[/def] [en]Tension mounted as we waited for the exam results to be published.[/en] [cn]我们在等待公布考试结果时气氛越来越紧张。[/cn]
[def]adv.激烈地;暴力地;狂暴地;极度地;[/def] [en]People can act violently if they feel threatened.[/en] [cn]人们在受到威胁时会变得暴力。[/cn] [en]She had never thought he'd blow up so violently.[/en] [cn]她从来没有想到他会生这样大的气。[/cn]
[def]v. 没有...就算了,作罢停止,放弃[/def] [en]The workers agreed to forgo a pay increase for the sake of greater job security.[/en] [cn]工人们为了工作更保险, 同意放弃增加工资的要求.[/cn]
[def]a. 有毒的[/def] [en]The factory had been sending out toxic fumes.[/en] [cn]这家工厂一直在排放有毒的废气。[/cn]
[def]a. 农业的[/def] [en]The agricultural commodities are abundant this year.[/en] [cn]今年的农产品很丰富。[/cn]
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